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Vedligeholdelsesfrit finlands mos - naturlig skønhed, tørret og konserveret - perfekt til dekorative mosbilleder.

Imagine the dried Finnish moss like a true nature work. Carefully hand -picked in the wild nature and carefully dried to preserve his soft and gentle texture. To maintain its natural green color and softness, it is re -colored by natural remedies. Dried Finnish moss is your direct connection to the beauty of nature, perfect for transforming your décor.

Kantklippede, unikke mosbilleder - ægte naturkunst, forvandler din indretning med fortryllende atmosfære og personlig stil

Each image is a unique, handmade creation that is carefully cut after drying. It gives you a beautiful, framed nature that transforms your decor. This is true natural art that becomes part of your personal style and creates an enchanting atmosphere in your home or every room.