ATOP - Fiber optics of world -class

In connection with the construction of a new office domicile, atop has chosen to design with a focus on a raw and modern approach. Therefore, it was natural to make use of RAW Solution's products, in addition to their basic interior design choices. Including raw concrete walls, black floors and ceilings that together with the concrete form a natural depth in the room.

Raw and modern

The gray concrete is complimented by the black powder coated steel, the green and vibrant moss and the natural look of the plants. It creates an atmosphere that connects industrial design elements and materials with nature and adds life to space.

Constrast and dynamics

It is not always easy to decorate large walls, especially as it often requires large decorations to fill the empty canvas properly. Therefore, atop, in collaboration with us, chose to produce a large moss image designed as their logo. The wall -hung logo is centrally seen at the entrance to their warehouse and also when moving up the stairs to their meeting room.