Daarbak Ejedomme A/S

Our specially designed bar takes inspiration in the stylish 50s where things would like to get some extra elegance over it. It is carefully designed with a timeless appearance and is made of first -class wood materials to achieve an authentic and lasting quality.

Elegance is the key word

The surface of the bar is carefully processed to highlight the natural beauty of the tree and give a rustic, raw feeling. This aesthetics is elegantly combined with brass foot rest, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bar.


With its impressive size and solid construction, this bar is perfect for both private and commercial spaces. It offers ample space to serve your favorite drinks and also has practical storage solutions for glass, bottles and other accessories.

Finally contact us with your next bar project

Whether you want to create a cozy lounge bar in your home or an exclusive environment at your restaurant, our specially designed classic style bar and brass foot rest will give the room a sense of authentic charm and elegance.