Welcome to Raw Solution

At Raw Solution we are driven by a deep passion for bringing unique and innovative solutions to your space. We believe in the power of an oasis - a place that is not only physically appealing but also offers tranquility and harmony. Our commitment to creating space that both enriches and inspires is the essence of our work.

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  • Oak | Timeless

    Oak is a timeless choice that never goes out of fashion. Our FSC-certified oak slammers combine the classic beauty of wood with an awareness of the environment. Each piece is carefully processed to ensure the highest quality and durability, and it adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to any decor.

  • Steel | Minimalist

    The powder coated steel exudes a minimalist beauty that fits perfectly with modern décor. Its clean lines and slim profile adds a timeless elegance to any room while the matte finish adds a subtle luxury. The black powder coated steel makes it easy to create a simple yet refined atmosphere in your home or office.

  • Brass | Refined

    Brass is not only beautiful, it is also incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion and wear. Our brass details are designed to keep and preserve their beauty for many years to come, making it an ideal choice of material for you who want both luxury and durability.

We will create a special space with unique products

Raw Solution is founded by Jesper Dam with the aim of creating an innovative, raw and elegant alternative to the classic interior. Focus has always been, and is to this day, on the synergy between the steel Rawness And the heat of the tree, which is united by the golden brass - in our view it gives something very special for a room.
For us Creator It is a very special space. 

This synergy between the materials, in a good quality cocktail, forms the basis for RAW Solution.

We work from the desire to create a special space in a special place. It is the possibility of having an oasis to search when the need to immerse yourself arises. When the need for an informal talk with friends and colleagues arises - or when you just want the wine glass at hand during cooking. 


Raw Solution is for those who want exclusive interiors and good quality - interiors that create a unique atmosphere whether in the office or in the living room. 

Quality and good craftsmanship goes hand in hand

All our materials are carefully chosen to give you the best products. For us, quality materials and good craftsmanship go hand in hand. 

Our steel is painted with a fine, black powder coat, which gives the steel a matte and fine -structured surface. Our wooden profiles are only produced in solid oak and are FSC approved - because we want the best for our customers. The tree comes in two shades as it is oil treated with either dark or light oil.

We only want the best for our customers and therefore our materials are carefully selected. The spacers in brass become specially turned and are untreated, which means they are patinating over time. 

Designed in Denmark | Produced in Denmark | Created for a special place. 

All our products are designed and produced in Denmark - in North Jutland. 

Our philosophy about Raw elegance reflected in all our products.
These are interior products that are designed to create a unique atmosphere.