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Line 102 | Partition

Line 102 | Partition


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Experience dynamic decor with line partition in solid oak. Adjustable up to 3.5 meters in the ceiling height, it can be easily mounted and moved. The solid oak slats add warmth and break the sound of the room while retaining the openness and aesthetics of the room. With versatile location options and exclusive design, Line partition creates a stylish atmosphere and adds elegance to your office or home.

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The dynamic decor
Common to interior design and needs is that it is dynamic and over time will change. Therefore, it is important to us that RAW Solutions interior design solutions are dynamic and can be adapted to your needs. And our line-system partition no exception.

With our adjustable mounting rod, the partition can be mounted in the ceiling and can be adjusted at a height of 4 meters. It is easy to dismantle if the need for space sharing occurs somewhere else. On the wall, the partition is mounted with a keyhole bracket, which in turn makes it possible to easily move the partition.

Line system partition is produced in Massive FSC approved oak slats, which are available in light and dark oiled oak. The partition comes in two widths and one standard height.

In 2022, RAW Solution received Danish and European design protection on the Line System's composition method. Therefore, this partition can only be purchased from us.


B: 102 x H: 214 x D: 4 cm

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